I'm almost hesitant to write this one as I don't want every man and his dog to end up here because I love it so much.

If you're down at Phillip Island and looking for a few hours of time out with friends or a significant other head to the Purple Hen Winery.

It's $5 for a tasting which is refunded upon purchase of any wine. They also have a delicious menu of olives, dips and cheese for you to have out on their lawn with a glass/bottle of wine which overlooks the bay.

There are ample tables for guests to sit back and enjoy a drink in the sunshine. There are a couple of resident dogs and your dogs are welcome too as long as they're well behaved. I often see families there with kids also who can run around and play.

Every time I'm down at the island (we have a place down there) I head heree wether it be with friends, my partner or my family. I've never been disappointed with the service or unable to get a table.