Have you ever heard of sandboarding? It’s like skateboard, but in the sand. Literally. Sand-boarding. Ha! I’ve seen the photos my friend shared, I thought where the hell this is. So unique! I never heard anything like it before. Soon enough, I asked her about the information. So, this litte “Sahara” is located in Port Stephens, approximately 3 hours drive from Sydney. The easiest way to reach there is by car, of course. But since the petrol and car rental price is not cheap, we decided to go by train.

If you have limited time, train is definitely not a good option for you. I took around 9 hours travel time from Central Station. First you take the train to Hamilton, then take the bus near the Stockton Beach, then you have to walk around 30 minutes.

But the wait is so worth it! Just look at the pictures and imagine yourself on it!