Go on the Skyrail for the rainforest view of your life. One of the most beautiful rainforest experiences out there, the Skyrail lets you float above the Cairns mountains up to the Atherton Tablelands.

Head north 15 minutes out of Cairns and you will come to the base of the Skyrail. Skyrail’s Smithfield Terminal is located at the corner of Cairns Western Arterial Road and Captain Cook Highway, Smithfield.

Shuttle buses pick you up and take you to the Rail, which is just a short drive away.

The trip in total is around 1 1/2 one way, and depending on what trip you choose, can be up to 3 hours long. Booking is preferred but if you go in a quiet off peak time, you can usually find a free Skyrail carriage.

If you are afraid of heights, be warned! the gondolas have see-through floors and the heights can be dizzying!

Make sure to bring your camera, keep your things secured to you (you cant retrieve something flung into the rainforest below), and enjoy the ride!

Tickets are a bit pricey, and gondolas can carry up to 6 people, including infants.

The Skyrail is good for wet and sunny and dry weather.
Once you reach the Tablelands, have a look around at the local merchandise, before you head back down the mountain.