Rainbow Beach, QLD, is a beautiful long quiet beach. When the sun shines on it at certain angles, the sand looks like it shimmers rainbow colours, hence the name.

Just walking along the beach is beautiful with it's perfection. Clear water, white sand, and clean air.

The little town goes right up to the beach, with a line of small shops, tasty cafes and a restaurant or two with good food and good coffee.
There is a beautiful studio of paintings by a local artist, as well as a surf clothing shop in case you need some swimwear for the beach.
Organic coffee can be found at one little cafe down the end of the strip - it was really good!

Parking is free, right next to the strip of shops, a park with amenities and the RSL, which has a great Catch of Day dish.

Perfect for all times of day, even at night the beach is amazing.