NightQuarter is a weekend night market. It has a variety of different cuisines available. NightQuarter has a food truck vibe atmosphere where you can purchase an range of specialty foods, including tacos, German sausages, emu, pies, and so many desserts!

There are many stalls with a variation of items that can be purchased, like art work and clothing. There is always live music that plays during the night markets with previous bands playing such as The Cat Empire and upcoming bands such as The Living end.

When it comes to children, the NightQuarter is child friendly, however if you do want some time alone there is a supervised child area.

Entry to NightQuarter is $3 and then you purchase your food and drinks as you please. Most venders at NightQuarter do not offer eftpos.

If you are looking for a night that is a bit more cruisey and relaxing head over to the NightQuarter.