Waterview restaurant is a beautiful place to have an amazing seafood buffet. The seafood here is fresh and absolutely incredible. The restaurant is great for the whole family, particularly a seafood loving family. The buffet features different types of seafood, from oysters and prawns to beer battered fish and chips. Not only does the buffet have great seafood, but an amazing array of salads (there is usually at least one seafood salad) and delicious desserts. The buffet is like a fancier all-you-can-eat with a licensed bar that also does incredible coffees. The staff are delightful and are willing to help in any way possible. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the main marina and has wide views of the beautiful river with a balcony that some guests can choose to sit on for their meals (but only in good weather). Many multigenerational families attend this restaurant's buffet because of the great views, food and service.