This is easily one of the best lookouts I've ever been to (and I've been to A LOT). It overlooks the coast from Kiama up to Wollongong (and beyond, depending on the weather). It's absolutely breathtaking with such a long view. Helpfully there's a board describing everything you can see in front of you so if you don't know where you are looking that helps. If you're into photography it's a good place to get a panorama shot. Just a heads up - it gets pretty steep before you get to the top so if you have a tiny car be aware of that. Our 4 cylinder sedan struggles to get up with air con going and a full load of people on board. The road is sealed though and the view as you wind up is fantastic. If you have time, drive around the area and enjoy the rolling green fields. It almost feels like you left Australia and flew to England, even though you are so close to stunning Aussie beaches.