Enjoy bird watching on a scenic walking track alongside the stunning Yeppen Lagoon. The nature walk begins at the carpark and leads you through the shade of the beautiful old trees, freshly cut grass and alongside the stunning lagoon and the path takes you past the football fields towards the Botanical Gardens.

The lagoon is breathtakingly beautiful. Just near the walking track on the edge of the lagoon the waterlilies are flowering and the duckweeds are wild and thick. The lagoon attracts all kind of wildlife from ducks and native birds, pelicans and barramundi to crocodiles and kangaroos.

The scent from the Wattle trees drifts ever so gently in the air and as the track takes you further down the lagoon it becomes easy to lose yourself in the beauty that surrounds you and completely relax.

When you reach the end of the track you have the choice of either following the track through to the Botanical Gardens or you can turn around and follow it back to the carpark.

The track usually takes 15-20minutes at a leisurely pace.

Tip: Head there just before sunset for breathtaking photos