Zero Degrees Sydney is a fun and quirky go-to place for desserts located in the heart of Sydney's CBD. One of the things that they are most famous for are their 'pufferfish icecream'. This decadent treat is a fish shaped waffle filled with smooth icecream - but don't let the shape scare you. The shape is the only thing fishy about this dessert! The treat itself is modeled after a traditional Japanese cake known as a Taiyaki, where "tai" translates into "fish" (Makes sense, right?). Zero Degrees Sydney leaves the imagination up to you, as you get to pick your own fillings, icecream, AND toppings!

If this style of dessert isn't for you, Zero Degrees offers other forms of icecream and yummy treats. It is a place you have to try at least once, but if you're a sweets lover then they are sure to have you coming back for more!