Take a walk among the mangroves and get away from it all. They are beautifully positioned to create a secluded little archway that leads right down to the beautiful Brisbane river with stunning views. Take a picnic lunch at have it at the park above which has fantastic playgrounds for kids. From the wide open parklands and creative playgrounds, you could easily miss this little treasure. You need to walk to the bottom of the park next to the Raptis Fish Market and you'll find a little wooden ramp down to where he mudflats lie. Once you're down there you'll feel transformed to a new world. On a hot day, it's lovely and cool under the archway and you won't want to leave! A rare gem in what appears from the road to be an industrial area. There are no shops at all nearby so be sure to take any food or drinks you would like for the day. And remember a hat and sunscreen.