4 days on the road from Port Mac to Cairns and we stopped at Airlie Beach to soak out bums out. we have been on the road for quite some time and we needed the sun. We pre-booked our accommodation via AirBnb so we won't have a hard time booking in a hotel room. We paid $125 for 2 days and 1 night stay fronting the Airlie beach. It's a very touristy place and we'd like to stay away from too many people frolicking around the beach so we decided to just take a nap before we head out for late lunch around 2pm. You can do all sorts of water sports when you reach Airlie Beach in Cannonvale -- water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. Airlie beach is a fun place to do dolphin and whale watching, picnic along Whitehaven Beach and loads of fun activities at the Airlie Aqua Park. I think I enjoyed more of our time here at the Aqau Park than at the beach as they were too many people lying down on the sands. Unfortunately, it was to close soon. Not sure if they will re-open it, though, but we were told it will cease operation. Anyway, while we were here, we decided to drive atop Castle Hill to check the Lookout with its scenic view of the town and the coast below. This is a great place to smell the sea breeze and enjoy the sunset view. We went there around 4:30pm and waited for the sunset. It was a breathtaking view best shared with your partner.