I guess most of the things I am uploading here now are all about our extreme adventures on our way to Cairns from Port Macquarie. We pre-booked this skydiving experience at Skydive Brisbane 2 weeks before our trip. It cost us around $334. For that price, we had a really awesome experience!!! I mean, the best a couple can do together. Our plane took off around 9:40am and I was partnered with Dave, one of the skydive zen masters :) I had a great shot of the first people who took their jump and some great views of the Great Barrier reef below us on board our chartered plane. It was a very exhilarating experience, dropping from a plane 13, 260 ft above the ground and praying you would land it soon! LOL I kept screaming my lungs out, almost fainted until Dave nodge his shoulders on my left shoulder and told me to effin wake up LOL. I kissed the ground when we did... or when Dave finally maneuvered the parachute off the ground. They give you a certificate of achieving the impossible and give you a big bear hug to remind you that you really did it. :) Really, this is not for the faint-hearted. If I knew we would be doing this on our way to Cairns, I wouldn't even sign up for it.