What a beautiful thing to do to go to the blue mountains and look over the stunning ranges of the blue mountains from the many lookouts around Katoomba.
I love going for walks, and if you travel to the outskirts of Sydney you will find a place so beautiful it is worth every second it took to get here. It's a good way to get away and be a part of nature.

Bring a picnic blanket and some food, and look over the million dollar view,
you can drive there or get one of the many tour busses which leave from Sydney and can pick you up from your hotel.

Me and my partner went on a tour to the blue mountains, where we rode the steepest train in the would, rode over in a glass cabin high above the trees below where you look down and pray to the Lord that the glass does not break.

We Went for a bush walk around there, and honestly, it was one the my favourite parts of my life so far, you have to check it out,
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