"Bubbles Play Cafe" as it WAS affectionately known, and was what I was going to recommend, has closed down permanently!
Why the listing then you say?

That's because, the NEW business opening in its place, this September (2016) called: "Lollipop's Play-land and Cafe", is at that same great venue!
- With the same great location, and the same/similar awesome amusements (AND THEN SOME!), you won't be disappointed. (If you have kids from 1-8yrs old.)
With a dedicated under 3yrs play area that's fenced off, and soft, so safe enough for small tumbles and falls (remember to always supervise your children however).

Golden Grove is beautifully set up the hill over looking the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Etc and is prime real estate for family day out, or for some indoor play when your kids are feeling bored or its raining cats and dogs outside.

I took my son to "Bubble's" quite a few times and he loved it, it's also a fairly cheap way to get the kids out and about.
I can't wait till Lollipop's opens up now!