Cheap, BYO, Karaoke - Music City Karaoke, Adelaide street, Brisbane!

For $45 per hour you are granted access to a private Karaoke room which can fit up to 10 people!!!! That's less than $5 per person and it's guaranteed good fun as well as a cheap way to predrink in Brisbane.

BYO any alcohol you please, along with snacks and let the good times roll.

The rooms are kitted out with a variety of instruments including Maraccas, Tringles, and Tamborines. Combine this with a few beverages, your mates, and the fact you are paying $5 per person per hour and you are in for one of the best nights out Brisbane has to offer!

Albeit the entrance looks a little dodgy, and the decor dates back to about 1975, this place is a landmark in Brisbane city and is guaranteed to offer you a good time.

The rooms are insulated enough so that the poor passers by are not forced to listen to your reindition of Britney Spears' "Hit me baby, one more time" yet you can pump the music and enjoy a full on dance party inside.

My only tip is to make sure you book a room before arriving otherwise you may have to wait for the rooms to free up. It's not uncommon for an hour to pass quite quickly in a large group also so it's worthwhile booking for longer if you think you will need it.

All in all it's a great night out. Enjoy!