ENJOY BRISBANE CHEAPEST, FRESHEST AND BEST SUSHI! HEAD TO IZAKAYA KOTOBUKI AND ORDER A FAMOUS KOTOBUKI ROLL! (mouthwatering tempura sushim crumbed chicken, cream cheese and avocado all in one delicious fusion roll)

For an easy $12 per person you will leave feeling incredibly full and satisfied after consuming the best Sushi you can get in QLD. (Seriously I've tried and nothing beats it)

The newly refurbished resturant works through an Ipad ordering service on the tables which allows for the kitchen to receive your requests straight away, which in turns speeds up the delivery of your food! Customer service is not lost however as the staff at Kotobuki will be around to check on you and your companions immediately.

My friends and I have followed the Kotobuki stores around Brisbane and over the last 5 years we have not had a negative thing to say!

My only advise would be that if you are attending during peak periods be mindful that the place may be packed out with other sushi lovers!

Happy dining!