In case you haven't heard about geocaching before, geocaching is basically treasure hunting in your local area!
You probably never knew there were hidden treasures around you right now!

The treasures in question are usually a notebook and pen, to record your username and the date you found the geocache! Other geocaches have small trinkets inside, with an option to take something and leave something else in the cache. I like to think of those types of geocaches as a "sorry-we-couldn't-be-there-to-witness-your-achievement-but-congrats" high five from the previous founders.

To geocache properly, you'll need to sign up at, then you're able to search away for caches in your area. There is also a mobile phone app, so you can track and record your geocaches on the move!

The geocaches range in difficulty based on how well they're hidden, or if they're in a spot that's a bit tricky to get to. Some also have riddles that you can solve to unlock hints on where to find the geocache, in case you're stumped.

Geocaching is an activity that anyone can get involved with. It's free, it's local, and it's fun!

Happy hunting!