The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne feature some of the most beautiful and exotic plants that are native to Australia. But why only appreciate the greenery when you can take note of the fauna that accompanies them. The Royal Botanic Gardens hosts great numbers of beautiful bird species, many of which are quite rare. By harboring so many diverse plant species, the gardens attract different bird species which inhabit these unique trees. Not to mention, the on site ponds also attract different wetland bird species as well. In a day you can easily see over 50 bird species, including but not limited to: black swan, Australian Reed Warbler, and the Red-rumped Parrot. That’s quite impressive for a park that is located in the heart of a booming metropolis. Admission to the park is free. I’d recommend bringing a pair of binoculars in order to get a better look at the birds. While you’re at it, fill in a bird survey to help BirdLife Australia track bird numbers for their conservation efforts.