The Grounds at Alexandria is a really unique place, based on an old industrial site from the 1920's its all about fresh produce and sustainability. They are famous for their coffee and even offer coffee workshops for people wanting to learn the science behind making the perfect cup! They offer several eateries including 'The Potting Shed' which is a gorgeous place to have a meal or a drink, surrounded by fresh produce and in an outdoor setting it gives a really rustic feel. There is markets every weekend that showcase stalls from different local businesses all sharing the same organic/fresh produce/home grown theme.... as well as live music from local artists! They have a resident homemade fresh lemonade stall and a beautiful florist on the grounds. There is also a mini animal farm! Which is home to resident pig 'Kevin Bacon'! There is goats, sheep, chickens... all tucked away in 'The Garden' area. There is another cafe just near the entrance & an opportunity to just get takeaway coffee and wander around. Its a beautiful space and great to take children to with the family as they enjoy seeing the animals and there is also a little garden shed area which has chalk boards inside for children to draw and have fun as you enjoy a coffee! It gets really busy on weekends but its definitely worth a visit. The company is constantly hosting events for special occasions such as Easter etc so worth keeping an eye on their website for what's up and coming. Everything they serve is grown either on site or sourced locally, its all organic and fresh and they promote sustainability and being 'green' in a really fun way. They have a patisserie/bakery on site where you can even pre order cakes online for special occasions! Its a unique place to visit, and leaves you wanting to go back again. Its a great place to go for somewhere different on a sunny day, i would fully recommend the experience :-)