This is a must do activity when on the Gold Coast... it is Australia's highest outdoor building climb! It takes place at the iconic Q1 building in Surfers Paradise and is completely different to visiting the observation deck which is another activity on offer. The observation deck has a cafe/restaurant so if you're wanting a similar view but outdoors and heights aren't your thing you can comfortably enjoy a meal or drinks at the observation deck and wander around taking photos of the view. The Skyclimb however is when you get harnessed to a rail that runs up the outside of the building and takes you up lots of steps to different stop/view points along the climb. The view is out of this world and you can see right across the Gold Coast and beyond, its breath taking and you get a friendly guide who gives you facts about different things you can see along the way. This is definitely not for the feint hearted and does require you to follow close instruction and you walk as part of a group. You are all harnessed to a rail going single file and there is no opportunity to stray from the rail, you stay close to the person behind/infront and the guide instructs you the whole way. There is photo opportunities where the guide will stop you and there is wider platforms to enable group photographs and individual photographs which you then have the option to purchase at the end. Although quite costly as these things usually are... in my opinion the photograph pack that you purchase is worth what you pay. The pictures are stunning and since its such a unique experience it's definitely nice to have a souvenir to remember it by! There is lockers in the change rooms to store valuables and you get fully kitted up with help from staff and briefed with a safety talk before the climb commences. If by any chance the weather isn't good for that day the only reason they may cancel the climb you are booked on is if a storm is within a certain diameter of the building and they are constantly checking the weather so will contact you in advance if they know they will not be going ahead with the specific climb you are booked on... they then offer you to return on an alternative day or your money back. They still go ahead in rain it would have to be a storm or extreme weather conditions for them to cancel. The climb itself takes around 90 minutes from start to finish and is thoroughly enjoyable. This is a really unique thing to do to make memories or for a special occasion... it is an unforgettable experience and i would fully recommend it :-)