This is a must at Xmas, the streets come alive with magic - taking kids into a wonderland of Christmas. Its a hidden little gem in Leeming where all the neighbours take great lengths to decorate the streets - everyone gets involved. The whole Loop is filled with love and Xmas spirit - keeping "Father Christmas" alive for young one and an enchanted experience for the older ones as well.

Its a hidden little secret at Xmas, that locals provide an experience worth seeing - I stumbled across it last year by accident and was overwhelmed by how much effort all the neighbours go to and the length they go to have Christmas alive in their streets, its beautiful and something I hope to keep up as a tradition visiting these beautiful streets at Xmas, sadly it will get too popular over the years, but its well worth packing the car up and going to visit, you may need to park a little off the "Loop" and the locals are extremely friendly - we shared a wine with a couple last Xmas and they invited us into their home :)

Dont miss this great event, they also raise money for the homeless and sick children over this time of the year - its worth the free ride to see some specular displays of a community coming together at Xmas.