This place has something for everyone, there is a Big Wheel, the Fishing Harbour for a stroll around and some amazing food, a few good bars and restaurants around that end of town.

The Fremantle Skate park is entertainment for kids all all ages, parents can chill in the sun on a blanket and watch their kids have fun in a safe and friendly environment. They have table tennis, rock climbing and the park itself accommodates all ages - its a fun place to hang out in the centre of Fremantle and to enjoy time outdoors - there is also an adjoining adventure park for younger kids to accommodate them if you have older children doing their skateboarding or scooter tricks :)

There is also a pretty good coffee shop which sets up, I believe part of the skate park which is a "Popup Coffee Shop", serves the most amazing coffee with a few raw treats - I love going to this park, for one it is free entertainment, gets you outdoors and you meet nice people.

There is a lot of respect on the park for ages, everyone considers and respects each other and makes the most out of being there.

Whenever we get bored, we pack up the car with boards and scooters and head down for some chill out time and some fun :)