Venture out with a local guide to experience a very different kind of "nightlife". The sights and sounds of Kangaroo Island after dark.

Experience Kangaroo Island’s nightlife with a 3 hours nocturnal tour. Find Tammar Wallabies, Brush-tailed Possums, Western Grey Kangaroos, and possibly other more elusive night creatures such as Boobook Owls, Stone Curlews or even an Echidna. In winter we may be able to see some Penguins as well. 

Min 2 passengers required for this tour.

The Tour will depart from Kingscote and surround. We can depart from American River. Please contact us before booking the tour if you are not sure about your staying on the island.

** Please note that this is an ENGLISH TOUR, the tour will be run by an english speaking guide. If you require an Italian Tour please book it here: or contact us at: 0407/978680 **

Age Restrictions: 

Infants ut to 3 years old will travel free of charge

Children 4 - 14 years old  will have a discount on the tour.

Children 15 - 18 years old are considered adults.

Children 1 - 18  Cannot travel unless accompanied by an adult.

 Depending to the age young children will need to use a booster seats. Please let us know if you need one. 

**  We will withdraw $200 only at the time of the booking. The full amount will be withdraw at least 15 days before travelling **