Visit the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament house and learn about Australia's political history. Old Parliament house was in operation from 1927-1988 and today it is a museum open to the public.
This is an incredible experience regardless of whether you are interested in politics or whether you don't know much about Australian politics, as it is a fantastic way to learn.
You can tour Old Parliament House and ask questions of the many knowledgeable and dedicated staff on site. You can explore the chambers of parliament, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
You can also view the old media rooms where journalists would work on their reports and conduct interviews with politicians - these have been preserved with retro technology such as old typewriters, phones and lamps for an immersive experience. In the main part of the museum you have the opportunity to learn about more recent political history through interactive displays.
This would be a great way to teach your children about politics, as well as brush up on your own knowledge!