The most popular choice to view Sydney's skyline is through boat rides or if you have a bit of a budget, through helicopter rides. However, there is another way to enjoy the view in between surfing at the sea and flying in the sky.

Just across Sydney's CBD, specifically Sydney Harbour's waterfront, is the famous Taronga Zoo which offers a round-trip ride to its Sky Safari Cable Cart which is included when you purchase the general admission's ticket. It is located at the very entrance of the zoo, right after disembarking from the ferry, you will be able to enjoy this ride before anything else. You will have the perfect picturesque view of Sydney Harbour. The cart leads you to the plaza area of the zoo where your journey begins.

Please take note that the Sky Safari Cable Cart only operates on good weather condition for safety. If the winds are too strong to sway the carts, it will be shut down and an alternative route to the plaza will be used instead.