A nice quiet arvo @ Watson's Bay on a lazy weekend is the place to be along with your mates. Take a ferry from Sydney Wharf to Watson's Bay. I have always visited this place afternoon around 3 PM. Although there are many places to visit at the Watson's Bay in terms of food, i have always visited the " Watson's Bay Tea Garden Cafe" (make sure you book a place). Watson's Bay is famous for fish and chips served everywhere but apart from that, i highly recommend to try the grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette seasoning. Another dish I highly recommended is the creamy chicken pie! Super Tasty! Lunch for two would come up to around $50. My mates and myself would then take a walk to the GAP! It is an unimaginable place to visit as no one would imagine such a view if they have never visited Watson's Bay before. On one side we can see the Pacific ocean and on the other side we can see the beautiful Sun set behind the Sydney city skyline across the Bay.