Lygon Street is basically a buffet. You can't really make a bad choice on this street unless you decide on a sandwich from the convenience store. There are no wrong answers here (apart from the convenience store). However, some answers are more correct than others, for example to the question "Where should we eat lunch?" The most correct answer is the Season Provedale. To the question "what should we have?" There is only one right answer, the Parmigiana. And you will give it an A+ I have taken a photo of my boyfriend for reference, and to be clear; he does not have child hands, that Parmagaina is enormous. The monster Parma comes with chips and Italian slaw and is $14, there are also optional extras.
The restaurant is nice and the staff are friendly. Highly recommend for a Saturday or Sunday lunch time.
They offer $3 pots of lager until 7pm and the cocktails are $10 each all day. Best boozy lunch spot! They have delicious pastas too and the staff are friendly. A little on the busy side, but that's to be expected when the food is soooo good!