To all the Bargain Hunters in and around South Melbourne! Check out the South Melbourne Market for Fruit and Vegetable Bargains. Head there around three o'clock on a Sunday and grab the goodies. It is full of buzz, shouts and merchants trying to get your attention.

They have 4 cheese for $10, great Meat Bargains and Fruit and Vegetable Bags for $0.50. The organic Bakery has a sell out at 3.30 p.m and you will get amazing Sourdough Bread and Rolls. Stroll around and try one of the famous South Melbourne Dim Sims. Grab a Slice of Pizza or a Smoothie while checking out all the food. Next to food, cake and flowers will you find handmade clothes, Accessories and furniture!

Sit in one of the great Cafes and enjoy the sun and plan out your dinner after your Shopping experience. There is nothing that is not to love about the market. Shopping never feels quite as good without making a bargain!