The Smurf Latte; E3 Live Algae, ginger and lemon and coconut milk
Pretty to look at and after finally giving it a try it tasted SOOOO much better than I anticipated YUM! I found it to be smooth and sweet without any ocean-like taste.
Before visiting I looked up some reviews about the taste of the E3 power (the live Algae powder) and this particular one made me prepare for the worst 'it tasted like licking the side of a fish tank'. I can assure you this tasted nothing like licking a fish tank..
Matcha Mylkbar is a vegan cafe and has an impressive menu with standout items like the matcha pancakes, vegan eggs and a rainbow variety of lattes like beetroot, turmeric, mushroom, cacao and carrot cake to name a few. Get in early as it is a popular spot for breakfast/brunch on the weekends.