Australia prides itself on cultural diversity and one of the easiest ways to become immersed in a culture is to eat its food. As a second generation Australian born citizen with a German mother I often have cravings for the little 'cultural' treats that I only got to partake in during Easter or Christmas holidays. While the big supermarkets do try to incorporate a few different minority foods into the aisles - it is never as good as visiting a specialised delicatessen. The Taste of Europe Delicatessen in manned by a friendly and knowledgeable Polish family with a great mixture of freshly baked goods (both sweet and savoury), pantry items such as fermented red cabbage, mustards, potato dumplings, an array of frozen foods, chocolates and other sweets, as well as deliciously tangy jams. However, the stars of the show as so to speak are the amazing selection of meats. From sausages, pates, bacon, hams all infused with varied notes of smokiness, this Polish deli will surely sate your continental cravings. As a final tip, I will say do not be afraid of the 'weird' names or 'odd' ingredients - this shop will be your new favourite.