Highly regarded by the locals, The Bamboo Grille is a small, diner-style restaurant in Wailuku, on the west side of Maui - not too far from the Airport, and about an hour's drive from the east side (Lahaina). 

It's the type of place to visit if you want to eat what the locals do, without having to go through the ceremony of a hotel luau - plus it's much faster, and cheaper.

The top two dishes, depending on your mood of course, are the Hawaiian Plate, and the Banana & Mac Nut Pancakes.  The Hawaiian Plate features Kalua Pig (which is some of the most amazing slow-smoked pork you've ever eaten), and lomi salmon - which is salmon cooked in green leaves. It's served with Lau Lau (which is like a salsa), two scoops of white rice, and most interestingly, sliced raw white onion that has been heavily salted. 

If you have more of a sweet tooth, definitely check out the Mac Nut Banana Pancake(s) - you might be tempted to order a stack, but a single one is the size of a large plate, and about an inch thick, covered in a creamy vanilla paste.

The prices are quite reasonable - around $40USD for two meals & two sodas, and there's plenty of undercover parking. The full menu (breakfast, lunch & dinner) is all day - so the choice is yours!