The easy Hermitage Foreshore walk is one of Sydney's great coastal walks. Start at Bayview Hill Road or Nielsen Park and take in the views of Shark Island, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the grounds of Strickland House along the way.

The entirely of Neilsen Park/Shark Point is just a great spot to spend the day. Many people will flock to Shark Beach for a swim or enjoy brunch at the nearby café.

But for those feeling a little more active, its well worth taking a stroll along the Hermitage foreshore walk for a couple of reasons.
You’ll get some great views of the Harbour and looking back towards the CBD.
There’s also the amazing old Strickland House and its surrounding groups. I don’t know what its used for now but its still an impressive building.
But my favourite part is all the little swimming spots you’ll discover. Just keep walking and eventually you’ll find your own little nook of waterfront and you can dive straight in. Probably not great for young kids but perfect for adults looking for a quiet spot to swim and relax.