This is in my opinion the best playground in Bunbury! It is massive and is situated next door to the Bunbury Wildlife Park as well which is reasonably priced. he park is split up according to age appropriate equipment. The toddler playground is down one end next to the wildlife park and the cafe which has great coffee! There are lots of interactive pieces of equipment not just the usual slides and swings.

My boys favourite section is the trio of slides which is built into a hillside. There is a bumpy slide with rollers which the kids roll down and they love it. There is also a massive net climbing frame not for the faint hearted parent!

Another great thing about this park is the wheelchair accessible play equipment which truly makes this a playground for everyone to enjoy.

This park is also a great venue for birthday parties. There are BBQ's and shaded picnic tables situated in a couple of different spots throughout the park. There are two sets of toilets, one down either end and plenty of parking.

There are lots of unique features at the playground such as the beautiful mosaics and stones set into the ground. It is a lovely colourful place to go and spend a couple of hours or to go and have a picnic lunch in the grassy areas under the trees.

I would recommend this to any families with young or older children as this park truly does cater for all ages and parents too with the cafe close by and plenty of benches to sit and read.