I took my two sons 5 and 4 to Cape Nat Lighthouse last week. It was something that has been on our to do list for awhile. It's a small, historic lighthouse built in 1903 in the South West of WA. Tickets were reasonably priced and we had a tour guide tell us the history behind the lighthouse and attached cottages which the lighthouse keepers lived in. One of the cottages is actually set up as the cafe/souvenir shop which was lovely to see. They still had the old wood oven in there and the beautiful fireplaces.

The lighthouse itself is not extremely tall so it was perfect for my young boys. It's actually a working lighthouse so we=hen we climbed up the stairs to the top we were able to see the light rotating and hear about how much has changed in the way the lighthouse was operated in the past until now. That particular lighthouse didn't actually get electricity until the early 1970s which was an amazing fact to learn!

Unfortunately the day we went was way too windy to go out on the balcony but I can imagine how beautiful the views would be. Just looking out of the tiny windows was breathtaking. We will definitely be going back in better weather so we can go out on the balcony.

This was a great thing to do with the kids and the tour guide Shay was really knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend to both locals and tourists to the region.