Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs are hiding all sorts of Pokemon - however you need to know which areas to look for different kinds of Pokemon. Melbourne’s grassier areas, like Fitzroy, Alexandra, or Treasury Gardens, are a great spot to find Grass & Air type Pokemon. If you’re looking for Water type, you should definitely travel your way along the Yarra, or further down to St Kilda Bay or Port Melbourne. See below for the full list, however some standout locations include;

Berwick Springs (The Lake) has had multiple Squirtle sightings, the Footscray Community Arts Centre & Fitzroy Gardens has been said to have loads of Bulbasaurs, and Melbourne Zoo also is said to have heaps of Squirtles & Bulbasaurs.

If you’re looking for Pokestops, the CBD has one almost every 200 metres, and there are selected spots along Southbank where there are 3 extremely closely (and someone has almost always dropped a lure). A special find, is a car park in Frawley Road, Hallam, has THREE Pokestops AND a Gym!! There’s a group of regulars there now, but definitely worth checking out!

Below is the full list of spotted Pokemon - We’re always updating this so don’t forget to bookmark & check back again (or follow us on Facebook & We’ll keep you posted!).

Abra - Mernda, Glen Iris Train Station, Craigieburn fairways, Victoria Gardens off High Street, Beamaris Library on Reserve Road, New York City, Camberwell Junction, Flagstaff
Aerodactyl - Doncaster Westfield
Alakazam - Upper West Side Apartment
Arbok - Packer Park (Carnegie), Balwyn
Arcanine - Flagstaff Gardens
Articuno - Locked to Team Mystic ( Possible Event)
Beedrill - Carlton Gardens
Bellsprout - Maribyrnong, Essendon, Craigieburn train station, Rushall station, Blackburn
Blastoise - Fitzroy North x 1, Box Hill Town Hall x 1
Bulbasaur - Princes Park, JJ Holland Park (Kensington), Victoria Street (North Richmond), Rosanna train station, Carlton Gardens, Sandringham Station, Epping, Carnegie, Glenroy, Bay St Port Melbourne, Jells Park (Wheelers Hill)
Butterfree - Hollad Park Kensington, Southbank
Caterpie - Carlton Gardens, Queens way, Wellington St, Pascoe vale,
Charmander - Sandringham Station, Vermont Tennis Club, Lalor (Childs Road), Boronia (Kleinert Reserve)
Charmeleon - Highpoint outside David Jones carpark
Clefairy - MacLeod station, High street (Preston), Deakin Uni Burwood, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, North Balwyn, Southbank Promenade, Batman Park - at dusk is best, Flagstaff
Cubone - Broadmeadows Shopping Centre, Ruffey Lake Park (The Boulevard Playground) Doncaster, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Beaumaris Library
Diglett - Packer Park (Carnegie), Flinders walk along the Yarra river, Doncaster Shoppingtown
Dodrio - Frankston Beach, Hawthorn, Blackburn North, Boxhill Town Hall
Doduo - Fitzroy, Carlton North, Maving Rd, Frankston Beach, West Footscray, Tottenham, Hawthorn, Aspendale, Mordialloc, Preston, North Richmond
Dragonair - Crown Casino Dragonite    Lilydale Lake (Unconfirmed)
Dratini - Williamstown Beach, Carlton Gardens, Lilydale Lake, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong River, Altona Beach, Deakin Uni Burwood, Mordialloc beach, South Bank, Monash University (Clayton)
Drowzee - Punt Rd, 3a/16 tram to St Kilda, South Melbourne
Eevee - Southern Cross Station, Flagstaff Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Southbank, Cairnlea, Carlton Gardens, Craigieburn train station, Flagstaff Gardens, Lilydale Lake, Pakenham lakeside, Albion Street-Brunswick (Next to Warr Park), Treasury Gardens, Boronia Staion
Ekans - Fawkner, Carnegie, Craigieburn
Electabuzz - Citi Power Richmond
Exeggcute - Malahang Park (Heidelberg West), Altona North, Frankston Beach, Ruffey Lake Park (The Boulevard Playground) Doncaster (Heaps), Glenbervie, Sydney Rd x Phoenix St (Brunswick)
Exeggutor - Mordialloc Beach Carpark, Hays Paddock, Richmond
Fearow - Packer Park (Carnegie) Box Hill Station Gastly    Deakin Uni, State Library (at night), Southern Cross Station
Geodude - South Yarra station (whilst on the train)
Gloom -  Tottenham
Golbat - Packer Park (Carnegie), Pascoevale, Melbourne City
Goldeen - Frankston Beach, Burwood East, West Footscray, Tottenham, Altona beach, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Melbourne Central - Myers walkway, Doncaster Shoppingtown
Golduck - Deakin Uni (Burwood)
Graveler - Sunshine Bus Station, The Olsen Hotel (South Yarra), Near willison station (Camberwell), area of the Immigration Museum Melb.
Grimer - Queen's Park Essendon Growlithe    Box Hill, Werribee Plaza, Richmond, MCG, Southern Cross
Growlithe - Collins St (West), Punt Road/MCG
Gyarados - Beaumaris, Trinity Grammar school chapel
Haunter - Near South Yarra Tennis Club
Hitmonchan - Outside Building 154, University of Melbourne (Masson Road Side)
Hitmonlee - Fitzroy North (up towards Holden st) Lilydale, Swansea road, Botanical Gardens Williamstown,
Horsea - Kingsbury, Frankston Beach, Pakenham, West Footscray, Tottenham, Altona beach, Doncaster Shoppingtown (Near the bus stands), Ringwood (Mullum Mullum Trail), CBD, North Richmond Station
Ivysaur - Bridge Inn Hotel (Doreen)
Jigglypuff - Kensington, Sunshine Railway Station, Frankston Beach, Bamford Ave, Melbourne Star, State Library
Jolteon - Once at Doncaster Shoppingtown (It ran ;_;)
Jynx - North of Macleod Station
Kabuto - Along Maribyrnong River, Queens Pde (ashwood)
Kadabra - Chua Quang Minh = That Marib Riv Temple
Kakuna - Glenroy
Kangaskhan - Keilor Park drive lookout, Princess Park (Parkville), West Footscray football oval, Donvale Reserve Southern Cross Station, Brimbank Park (Keilor)
Kingler - Edwardes Lake Park, Flinders Street Station
Koffing - Sunshine Station, Epping, Burwood East, Lonsdale Street QV, Box Hill station, Melbourne State Library, Fountain Gate
Krabby - Darebin Creek, Maving road, Epping (uncommon?), Burwood, Pascoe Vale, State Library
Lickitung - Fed Square, Melbourne Polytechnic (Fairfield Campus)
Machamp - Springvalley Golf Course, Botanical Gardens
Machoke -  Spencer St. Machop    Mooroolbark, Wandana Cresent, Berwick main middle carpark, Flagstaff
Magikarp - Southern Cross Station, South Morang Lakes, Maribyrnong River, Deakin University, Port Melbourne, Sandringham Beach, Frankston Beach, Southbank, Maribyrnong River, Docklands, all creeks/rivers and near oceans Magmar    Victoria Road Reserve, Eastern Fwy (Chandler Off ramp Outbound), Como Park North (South Yarra), Fitzroy Gardens
Magnemite - Around Sandringham Primary School
Magneton - Around Sandringham Primary School
Magmar - Westerfolds Park
Mankey - Bourke Street (Vodafone)
Meowth - Melton McDonalds, Epping shopping centre, Centro West shopping centre, Pascoevale on the train, Broady train, flinder Station, Albion St x Syd Rd (Brunswick)-rare, Powlett Reserve in East Melbourne, Knox Westfield
Metapod - Cavell St, Odonell gardens, Maribyrnong Mew    Event specific – Calendar events
Mewtwo - Event specific – Calendar events
Moltres - Locked to Team Valor ( Possible Event)
Nidoking - St Kilda Beach, Botanical Gardens
Nidoqueen - Balwyn
Nidoran(F) - DFO Moorabbin, Carnegie, Maribyrnong, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick,
Nidoran(M) - Rosanna Parklands, DFO Moorabbin, Maribyrnong, Clayton library, Uni Melb (Royal Pde)
Nidorina - Cnr Punt Road and Alexandra Avenue
Nidorino - Flagstaff Gardens Oddish    Rosanna Parklands, Oakleigh Station, Batman Park, Swanston St x Lonsdale St
Omanyte - St Kilda Beach, Fawkner Park
Omastar - St Kilda Beach
Onix - East Beaumaris Concourse, Flagstaff
Paras - Rosanna Parklands, Sunshine west, Frankston Beach, Craigieburn, Carnegie station, Southern Cross
Pidgeot - Whittlesea, Burwood East, Craigieburn, Box Hill Central
Pidgeotto - Epping, Burwood East, Glenroy
Pidgey - Richmond, Burwood East, Lonsdale Street, Craigieburn, EVERYWHERE
Pikachu - Melbourne central, Kew East
Pinsir - Brighton Cemetery, Ascot Vale, Melbourne Zoo, Frankston Beach, Wattle Glen, Maribyrnong, Craigieburn, Coburg, Beaumaris Library, Victoria St (North Richmond)
Poliwag - Collins St/Spencer St, Kensington, Frankston Beach, West Footscray, Lonsdale Street, Ascot Vale, Oak park, Anstey Station (Brunswick), Southbank promenade, Batman Park
Poliwhirl - West Footscray, Cnr Balcombe Road and Reserve Road Beaumaris
Poliwrath - Queen Victoria Market
Ponyta - Austin Hospital, Monash Uni (Berwick), Cremorne Altona Beach, Brunswick - Sydney Road, Karkarook Park
Porygon - Burwood
Primeape - Flagstaff Gardens
Psyduck - Watergardens Town Centre, Sydney Rd Brunswick, Port Melbourne Beach, Port Melbourne, Nunawading Basketball Stadium, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong river, Yarra walk along yarra river, Fitzroy Gardens
Raticate - Burwood, Louise St Rattata    Everywhere
Rhyhorn - Rosanna Parklands, High Street Kew (near McDonalds), Robertson Reserve (Williamstown)
Sandshrew - Rosanna Road (Parklands), Frankston Beach, Boronia (Knox Bike Track), Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Doncaster Shoppingtown, Eastland Shopping Centre, ALDI Franklin St
Sandslash - Flagstaff Gardens, Collingwood
Scyther - Epping, Packer Park Carnegie, Just before St Kilda esplanade, Beaumaris Library, Sydney Rd near North Brunswick Post Office, Rockley Park (South Yarra), Yulong (Bundoora)
Seaking - Southbank
Seel - Yarra River (along Fed Square and Crown), Frankston Beach, Burwood Hwy (near Deakin/HJ's)
Shellder - South Melbourne Beach
Slowbro - Carlton Gardens, Sandringham Beach, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong river, Yarra Walk
Slowpoke - Carlton Gardens, Sandringham Beach, Frankston Beach, Maribyrnong river, Yarra Walk
Snorlax - Crown
Spearow - Burwood, Park at St Kilda, West Footscray, Doncaster Shoppingtown
Squirtle - Kingsbury, Carlton Gardens, Sandringham Station, Caulfield, Deakin Burwood, Cavell St, Box Hill Town Hall, Rockley Road South Yarra
Starmie - Batman Park
Staryu - Glen Huntly, Moonee Ponds, Windsor, Kingsbury, Doreen, Carnegie, near Ashburton Station, Box Hill, Pakenham, Altona beach, Craigieburn, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, State Library Southbank Promenade
Tangela - Moonee Ponds/Ascot Vale, High St (Epping), Preston, Moreland Rd x Sydney Rd (Brunswick) South Melbourne Market, State Library
Tentacool - Williamstown Beach, Port Melbourne Pier, Crown Casino, Altona beach, McCracken Ave, CBD
Tentacruel - Maribyrnong River, Yarra River
Vaporeon - Occassional at dusk on Parkville campus near water features, Southbank
Venomoth - Box Hill town hall (once)
Venonat - Footscray (Nelson Bros), North Melbourne, Carlton North, Maving road, Huntingdale station, Glen Waverly shopping centre, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick
Venusaur - Spencer Street (end of Flinders Street), Swanston Street EB games, Hawksburn Train Station (Luxton Road), Greensborough War Memorial
Voltorb - Around Sandringham Primary School, Frankston Beach
Vulpix - Vermont Tennis Club, Sydney Rd x Blyth Strett (Brunswick), St. Kilda Beach
Wartortle - Macleod Station
Weedle - Carlton Gardens, Windsor, Maving road, Burwood East, Queens way, Wellington St
Weepinbell - Carlton Gardens, Pascoe Vale
Weezing - Essendon, Melbourne State Library
Zapdos - Locked to Team Instinct ( Possible Event)
Zubat -  Altona beach, Craigieburn, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, State Library Southbank Promenade,Glen Waverly shopping centre, Wilson Botanic Park Berwick