I drive. I drive a lot, my job took me from Parramatta to Cairns. I try to stop and take in the local flavor and scenery as much as I can just to stop the monotony of driving from place to place. One forest always looks like another, one mountain top looks the same as the next. One lookout that is worth the stop and the view, is Kuranda Range Lookout. After you've spent the day shopping at the markets, buying local honey and feeding the parrots, it's time to head back home. I urge you to rent a car and make the drive up and down Kuranda yourself. It's a hairy, white knuckle drive - full of hairpin turns, slow trucks and tour buses that take up both lanes. It's worth it when you get to the lookout though. Pull over, stretch your legs and take in the majesty that is Far North Queensland. This is why you made that trip, this is what you came to see - the beautiful green of the rainforest melting into the Pacific Ocean. A priceless view that will end your day on a high note.