Mr Burgers is an awesome Burger truck that travels the streets of Melbourne, offering a wide selection of burgers, three types of chips - Chips, Trucker Chips & Pizza Chips, as well as Milkshakes & 'Boylans' - a fancy imported softdrink from Brooklyn.

They're running an exciting new promotion where by you can get FREE BURGERS for life, just by filling out a simple form - an official change of surname to 'Burger'. They have not limited the amount of winners either - at the time of writing, anyone who official changes their surname to 'Burger' will indeed receive a lifetimes' supply of delicious burgers. Small price to pay for a very cool name change!

The burger truck can be found at various locations, including Melbourne Central, Fitzroy, Northcote, and they even appear in selected Tasmanian locations. Check the website for a full schedule & locations.