A secluded Point Piper beach which can be hard to find is Lady Martins Beach. Lady martin's is located in Felix Bay accessed by heading down a narrow lane next to the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club that leads directly to the beach (it's off to the left of the Yacht club if you're facing the ocean from the road).

The beach is open to the general public but because of its restrictive access it does not get over crowded. Lady Martin's beach is dog friendly as long as the pups are kept on a leash and there are a couple of fences and poles along the shoreline to tie a leash to while you go for a swim.

The beach offers sweeping views of the harbour and it is the perfect place to relax, take a dip and catch up on some reading.

Head down Wolsely road until you hit the Royal Prince Edward Yacht club and look for the laneway off the side to get there.