UPDATE: Sadly, the Bat & Ball is no longer doing all you can eat wings.. however, as a replacement (and a good one at that!) they're doing 'Hot Wings Monday' - where you can get a giant 1kg bucket of hot wings for $10 -and if that's not enough, you can get a 2KG bucket for $16!! If you think you can knock over more than a couple of those 2KG buckets - please let me know.. we'd just like to watch! Buckets are only at this price with a drink purchase, but trust me, they're that spicy you'd probably need 3 or 4!

Like spicy, deep-fried parcels of deliciousness? Enjoy dirty hands & ranch sauce? Check out Monday's at the Bat & Ball Hotel in Surry hills, where you can have all the Buffalo Wings you can eat for only $9.90! I went in September, where the running record was 31 - sadly, I was defeated after only 17. Winning tips - don't start with Beer. This will fill your stomach with non-chicken related gas. Kick off with water, or something else 'flat'. Then let your appetite do the rest!