We went on a road trip up to Cairns from Brisbane and couldn't pass up going out on to the Great Barrier reef for a snorkel..

We hmmm'd and aaah'd for a little while as the weather wasn't very sunny or great but thought stuff it. It has to be done :D

Went out with Sunlover on a big boat to a floating pontoon in the middle of the reef where we stayed for the day and spent it snorkelling with all kinds of fish and a couple of jellyfish lol. yikes.

They provide all the equipment including life jackets and also a very welcomed buffet lunch as well!! Yummmo.

Was hoping to see some turtles while snorkelling but was out of luck on that one until we jumped back onto the boat and were about to leave and looked down into the water... no joke- a turtle!!!

So cool and definitely encourage everyone to get out on the reef if visiting Tropical North Queensland :)

Took so many videos and photos!!