Seriously this is one of my alllllll time fav things to do.

Grab a hammock, One thats nice and quick to set up with easy attach straps and head ANYWHERE there is a beautiful view with trees or posts!!!

Some of our fav hammock locations have been at the Spit at the Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Hervey bay, Airlie beach, and at the ends or even during hikes haha!!

As a kid i remember lying at the beach in a hammock while being pushed, so now its nice to be able to relive that and also do it with my kids.

Best part, is once you have a hammock, its free to do, sometimes it just requires a little effort to get to the best scenery to enjoy...

You can get tiiiiiinnnnyyy hammocks these days that are so easy to take with you... Check out Altitude FX website in the link.. ( i mean big hammocks just in small, easy to commute bags)

PIC credit: Caseyeveleighphotography