Located along the scenic Great Ocean road, the Rainforest is a great place to spend a few hours. The drive to get there is spectacular and once there you can wander through the rainforest, listen to the birds and enjoy the serenity. For those who like to do more than wander around the Zipline is a great activity. The best option is to book your tickets online, they're not only cheaper but they ensure you get to do it. The day we were there they had a sign on the entrance to say the zipline was booked out for the next couple of days. They have a café which has a basic menu and drinks where you can sit inside or out, and the usual souvenir shop. Lots of families there, some with strollers, and some carrying little ones. The treetop walk gives you a different perspective of the towering trees surrounding you. Definitely a must for nature lovers. Close to other attractions such as Triplet Falls and Melba Gully glow worms, or just enjoy the scenic drive there and back.