Can you find the Temple of Doom? This large storm drain is a favourite spot for urban explorers and lovers of secrets and mysteries. You can explore kilometres of storm drain tunnels with some great photography spots and plenty of spookiness. The Temple of Doom is named for a very cool secret spot that is a good way down the tunnel entrance, but the journey there is all part of the fun. You will experience a little known part of Canberra and be able to see some quite historic graffiti and a side of the city you have never seen. You can easily sink a few hours into exploring these tunnels, and as an added bonus in some spots you can even get mobile coverage! Don't forget to check the weather before you go, because it is important to understand that storm drains can be unexpectedly dangerous from rain, and it's a good idea to find a map of the drains on the internet as well as make sure to take a good flashlight and wear sturdy footwear.