One of the West's hidden gems. The Altona Dog Park is located right at the end of the Altona Beach, hidden behind the Altona Sports Club.

Take the kids for a family day out, bring a picnic, plenty of clean white sand to lay your picnic blanket on. The Dog beach is next to the Dogs off Leash park. They love the freedom of running and swimming with others.

A short stroll from the Seaholme train station, or plenty of parking available at both the sports club and the car park at the end of the road.

Fresh dog drinking fountains available.

Early morning or evenings are best times to visit, lots of doggie friends to play with.

Check the tides, low tide provides a lovely shallow walk to the shores of Williamstown. Or walk through the waters to the bayside parklands and enjoy the bay views whilst having a bbq with friends and family.