Any local will tell you it’s just a short walk. The most direct route from the Northbridge Hotel to the Bridgeview Hotel is short, but it's also not very interesting. I’m suggesting a pub to pub walk that takes you through some great little places of interest. Start at the Northbridge Hotel, and spend as much or as little time as you like, and if you like it a lot, by all means just stay! You will enjoy the walk down to the bridge, which you can either cross or turn off before it, either option of which you will take you down to Tunks Park. This cute little bay at the bottom of Flat Rock Creek has been built up with a sea wall, with the lower part of the creek diverted underneath reclaimed land which is now used as sporting fields. A path leads you towards a view of the suspension bridge which is an impressive feature towering above the valley. It was built in 1892 and upgraded in the 1930’s due to suspension cable issues, but it’s had some unique historical moments which are interesting, including the tram line, and its shutting down when people had to walk the bridge to get from one side to the other during it’s safety issues.
Towards the rear of the park there is an off-leash area for dogs to run and play. Yay Yay! For dog lovers!
A new wetlands area has been built at the bottom of the creek to catch run-off and prevent build up of debris. If you’re lucky you can spot some water life in the deeper part of the catchment. From here the track leads up through the bushland following the creek, and about half way up you can choose to cross the creek or keep on the left track. Both options will take you up to the playing fields and sports grounds of Flat Rock Park.
Here you will find Willoughby Leisure Centre which is an attraction of its own to fitness devotees, and includes a gym, and swimming pools for adults and kids. Further towards Willoughby Road there is the revamped Willoughby Incinerator, which is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register. It is now an artspace, with a café at street level.
Another attraction located behind Willoughby Leisure Centre is Henry Lawson’s Cave, which is located by following the signs from the rear car park, down the bush steps to the cycling and walking track. Bi-annually, there are Bush Poetry readings by campfire at the Cave.
After exploring this area, head to Willoughby Road and head north up to the Bridgeview Hotel, where you can have a meal, cocktails (see my avatar), or just a refreshing beverage. There is also The Deck located above the main bar which is a relaxing place to chill, and has a large TV which is great when there are sporting events to watch.
Public transport is available to and from both Hotels at each end of this walk. Depending on your intended itinerary, it is best to look up the TransportNSW website for bus routes and timetables.