Costco as everyone probably knows has opened up at North Lakes, Qld and WHAT you probably didn't know about, there is a secret FOOD KIOSK right inside the doors with American style sized pizzas, Hot Dogs and a few other awesome American style food and guess what it's all extremely CHEAP! .

Price for a massive hot dog with a free large drink is only $2!!! YOU can literally feed 5 people for $10 and be very content as they are very big! On top of that you can also purchase refill for ONLY $1.
Pizzas are roughly $4 for a massive slice or you could even purchase a whole pizza or if you decide you want to take it home Getting TAKEAWAY isn’t a problem!
Plenty of chairs and table, Parking is massive so you won't have any problems with that but I suggest go either before 6pm of after 7pm as the peek time is really busy.

hours of trading are also 10am–8:30pm