This cozy little cafe offers the perfect resting spot after a nice long stroll around Daylesford Lake. Offering a wide range of hot and cold beverages and tasty menu items you can choose an indoor seat near the books or sit outside on the balcony taking in the serenity of the lake. The owner, Andrew Green makes a point to support local business by selling books from local authors and sourcing wine and produce locally. When presenting whatever your order is he will give you a bit of a background behind the produce informing you of where it came from.

The quirky thing about this cafe is that it is also a second hand bookshop. You can find some real treasures in those shelves including collectable editions.

Also directly next door to the cafe is a little artists den, displaying some of the most quirky pieces.

Enjoy an ice cream after a boat ride in the lake or a luxurious cheese platter whilst you read a book, either way this little spot is a real find!