Perfect for beginner hikers, nestled between Woodend and Daylesford (1 hour from Melbourne) you will find this absolute gem of a waterfall. Whether you are looking for a romantic adventure or a rejuvenating weekend in the country this hike will be sure to exceed your expectations.

This makes for a beautiful photo opportunity, especially a day or so after it rains as the falls will be heavy. This pace is pet friendly when going for the observation although when going for the hike you may find some difficulty.

Easy to find parking at the falls. Also wear some good grip shoes. And if you are feeling extra daring take a dip in the water.

Also nearby is Trentham village. Take a step back in time and enjoy the tranquility the locals has to offer. Take a look at some crafts, taste some local ice cream or browse the Christmas Cave (open all year, this is just magic for the kids).