The little township of Bundeena is nestled just south of Sydney, between Port Hacking and the Royal National Park. It's accessible by road, and the drive through the forest is lovely, but the Cronulla Ferry is more fun! There is a very pretty beach and people fish off the ferry wharf, but local fishermen say there are plenty of bull sharks feeding there so I'm gone by dusk. You can take the coastal walking trail through the park, hang out at the beach or cook up a storm at your campsite - which may just have picturesque water views. The scenery is gorgeous, there's lots of bird-life and keep your eye out for sting-rays and dolphins. The local cafes don't cater much outside standard fare, so vegetarians and vegans be warned. They do, however, make a perfect soy milk latte in the cafe at the top of the town. Sit out on the balcony and watch the world go by, or have a picnic on the beach by the creek. There is a car-park at the bottom end of the main street near the wharf. I've attached the timetable and camping details in case you feel inspired :)