With a great selection of english songs and the privacy of your very own booth. These karaoke booths are a refreshing change for Sydney's expensive scene. 

The idea is that you're meant to buy some beers and food while you're there but it's not required (that being said, who can do karaoke without a few cold ones under their belt?!) so you can get a booth a bang tracks out with your friends for the low low price of nothing :)

To reserve your booth at Goro's you'll need to leave some ID and a credit card with the bar (you won't be charged for anything), just in case you trash the place. Given that it's free you should book a bit in advance. If you're planning to go in the evening, call during the day.  Otherwise if you're looking for a room after about 11pm there's normally one available so just ask.  Goros is open till 3am on party nights and if you're the last group booked in the karaoke room (say at 11pm) they won't kick you out at the end of your hour which can be a bit of a shock when you stumble out at 3am thinking it was 1am!  
If you're looking for an earlier session, Goro's is open from about midday most days so why not book a room then?

Goro's also has air hockey tables, a street fighter 2 machine and some kick-ass giant Japanese beers - but the beers aren't free.